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A major objective of the NDACC is to provide independent calibration/validation of atmospheric chemistry satellites.

To achieve this goal, and to foster further synergies between satellite missions and the six NDACC Working Groups dedicated to measurements and analyses, the NDACC has incepted the Satellite Working Group (SatWG) gathering representatives of the various satellite science teams. SatWG's activities promote transnational coordination and technical exchange related to the proactive validation of atmospheric chemistry missions.

The SatWG also contributes to the goals of the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS)/Atmospheric Chemistry Theme (IGACO). In particular, it serves as NDSC contact point to the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites/Atmospheric Chemistry Sub-Group (CEOS/ACSG).

Practically, activities of the NDACC SatWG cover the following major fields:

  • advisory support to the development of satellite validation programmes;
  • development of comparison and validation techniques;
  • geophysical validation of satellite data products;
  • exchange of experience in remote sensing;
  • interactions with similar bodies in the frame of IGOS.